The Scriptural Basis for Postponements

Fred R. Coulter—March 18, 2015

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We're also going to see more evidence of a calendar functionally in use during the days of David when he setup the armies according to the 12 tribes. In 1-Chron. 27 we find this concerning the setting up of the captains; that is the rotating shift of the armies at the palace in Jerusalem.

1-Chronicles 27:1: "And the children of Israel according to their number, the chief fathers and commanders of thousands and hundreds, and their officers who served the king in any matter of the divisions who came in and went out month by month for all the months of the year, were twenty-four thousand of every division…. [then it lists everyone] …Over the first division for the first month…" (vs 1-2).

Verse 4: "And over the division of the second month… [v 5]: The third commander of the army for the third month…" Then we find all the way down until we come to:

Verse 15: "The twelfth commander for the twelfth month…"

David had it all organized according to months! Let's also understand that they had wise men of the tribe of Issachar who were there to help with the calculations and the assisting and understanding of the times, seasons and so forth. So, this was known and organized; this was something that was inherent within the work of God. At that time in all of Israel, and then later down into Judah and later Judea during the days of Ezra and Nehemiah.

1-Chronicles 12:32[transcriber's correction]: "And from the sons of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times…" Remember, that has to do with the times of the seasons and years!

They had understanding of it, and there it is right in the Scriptures, to know what Israel ought to do! That means when they ought to keep the Feasts, and then it lists all of them.

I'm going to give you a concordance study. In this case a Strong's Concordance would be very helpful to do so. I want you to get the section concerning month, and look up every one of the references to it. You will find that as we did going through here naming the months that you will find that every single month of the Calculated Hebrew Calendar is numbered or named. There's the whole list, as we went through. This is overwhelming evidence concerning the Calculated Hebrew Calendar

  • was known
  • was used
  • was what God had approved
  • was what God had inspired

We need to understand that! This is a basic foundation so that when we start getting into the others, we are going to know more about it. We're going to understand where these things are coming from. We are going to understand that many of these things are proposition that are not in the Bible nor can they be found in the Bible.

I'm going to be doing quite a bit of reading and when we come the thing concerning the postponements I'm going to show you the Scriptural basis for the postponements right in the Scriptures, and why those decisions were made for those Feast days in the fall.

We know that concerning Pentecost, God tells us to count to the morrow after the 7th Sabbath. So, there's no preparation day in between. But for all of the Holy Days in the fall there are preparation days that are required.

We also need to understand the number of sacrifices that were to be given (Num. 28 & 29). All of the great sacrifices were at the end of the year in the Feast of Tabernacles. It's important for us to realize this.

I'm going to read you various things—people's ideas and interpretations—concerning the calendar. We also find that in many cases hand-in-hand that the wrong calendar, the wrong way of figuring the calendar and the twisting and turning of the Scriptures also fall with the Yahwehists.

Article: How to Keep Time By Yahweh's Calendar in the Heavens by Jacob O Meyer

They have attempted to justify this stand of the Calculated Hebrew Calendar by quoting Romans 3:2. But there is a Scriptural answer to the calendar question and the calendar arranging is NOT an "oracle" that has been committed to the Jews. The sacred Scriptures is the oracle, the Word….

You see the twisted reasoning! I'm going to point out the wrong reasoning.

Oracles—Greek 'logia'—which includes all the sayings of God and everything that was written. If the calendar was not given to the Jews, pray tell, why did Ezra have it in Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah and Esther? Why do we find it in the book of Kings and Chronicles if it was not given to the Jews? So that is an incorrect statement.

The sacred Scripture is not the oracle

Yes, it is, because God spoke it and it was written down! Once it's written down, it is called the 'graphia' from which we get 'graph' or 'to write.'

Then the author goes and explains many things and gets your attention all diverted. We're going to see that all the quotes from the Jewish Encyclopedia are not necessarily accurate. But people take them as accurate.

he quotes from The Jewish Encyclopedia article: New Moon

The Sanhedrin was assembled in the courtyard of the Temple in Jerusalem on the 30th of each month from morning to evening, waiting for the reports of those appointed to observe the new moon.

In Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible we find the following comment in the article "New Moon":


Current Era—in the 1400s. That is a blatant, absolute lie! That is not true. Many of these statements are designed to mislead Christians so they won't use the Calculated Hebrew Calendar. The Jews believe that

  • the calendar is only theirs
  • the Sabbath is only theirs
  • the Holy Days are only theirs
  • the Feasts are only theirs

And that no one else should keep them!


That is partially a true statement!

…The eye-witnesses were carefully examined on the 30th day of each month (Especially of the months of Nisan {Abib}, Ab, Elul, Tishrei, Chislev, and Adar) and, if the testimony of the witnesses was accepted, that day was declared 'sanctified' by fiat of the Sanhedrin."

That's not exactly correct, that is a partially correct statement! We are going to read some things from Maimonides: Sanctification of the New Moon, and we will see that that's not correct.

…"The New Moon was announced in Judea till the year 225[A.D.], when the declaration was made in Tiberias…After the 4th century, the new moon was no longer fixed by observation, but the Karaites restored the older custom."….

We'll talk about the Karaites who are those who went back to observation. After 500 years of fighting, bickering, killing, warring—Jews among Jews—over which day was the right day—they finally realized that they had so many mistakes in their observing of the New Moon in Abib—or the green ears—that they had to finally capitulate and acknowledge that the Calculated Hebrew Calendar was more accurate and was correct.

So, the Karaites are not the kind of authority that are really the things that we should go by.

…(This writer holds that the new moon was also fixed empirically [by observation] by some Rabbinates as late as the 10th century)….

If you're following the Karaites that is true, but they went clear up to the 13th century.

"…It was not until the time of the Messiah that there came to be a fixed calendar."

Not so! Absolutely not true!

The Switch to Calculation

…McClintock and Strong's article: "According Maimonides, the Rabbinists ALTERED their method when the Sanhedrin ceased to exist, and have ever since determined the month by ASTRONOMICAL CALCULATION, while the KARAITES have retained the OLD CUSTOM of depending on the APPEARANCE of the MOON."….

That is a partially true statement, not wholly true!

A permanent calendar, still in force, was introduced by Hillel II, nasi of the Sanhedrin about 360 [C.E.]. It is uncertain what the calendar of Hillel originally contained when it was generally adopted. In the Talmud there is no trace of it."

{transcriber's note: all emphasis is that of the article author}

Well, we're going to see that he's made a lot of assumptions here, but this is put out by the House of Yahweh and they think this must be right, 'we have Yahweh.'

We're going to see that the name Yahweh was never the name of God. In fact, it was a pagan name. What they're doing here is paganism. We're going to see all of the misstatements.

I'm going to read to you out of the Jewish Encyclopedia concerning Hillel II, and this is where all these articles come to say that there was no such thing as a fixed or calculated calendar until you get to the 300sA.D.

from The Jewish Encyclopedia: Hillel II—330-365 of the [C.E.]

Nasi, the son of Judah nasi, the grandson of Gamaliel IV. After the crushing revolts of the Jews against Emperor Gallus and his commander Ursicinus destroyed many Jewish communities. New decrees were issued against the internal authority of the communities and against the observance of Judaism.

The Roman government aspired to limit the privileges of the nasi and the freedom of action of the Sanhedrin in Tiberius.

Hillel II agreed, in principle, to limit the authority of the nasi…

That is over the Jewish people and their communities!

…and his functions in connection with the proclamation of the new moon, the fixing of the festivals and the intercalation of the year. He there upon published what has been called the secrets of intercalation, which then is the fixing of the new moon.

According to tradition this took place in 358 of the current era. Everybody says that no one knew about the calendar, it was only observed up to that point. It was not calculated, there was no 13th month and all of that.

When you begin accepting that as a fact and you don't know that this is not true, then you accept something on the word of a man. You have to prove all things and to prove it means not to just read from one encyclopedia, you have to go search and dig. That's what Carl Franklin did. He searched, he dug and let me tell you, when I start reading from some of these things you're going to be amazed. These people have never done it. The ones who come out with these oddball calendars against the Word of God have never done it.

From the time of Hillel… in the year 670 of the Seleucid Era…

Which is 358 of our current era

…the Sanhedrin in Erez Israel…

scattered Israel

…ceased and it ceased to have experts, and it was he who regulated the order of intercalation, reckoned the years, and fixed the months for generations to come.

We're going to see that's only partially a true statement. Actually, when we understand it, it's not true at all.

Some regard the year 344 as that in which the new calendar was introduced, and it is possible that it was not immediately publicized to the same degree in all localities. The opinion has been expressed that Hillel ii was not the original creator of the fixed calendar but that it was the result of centuries of development…

We're going to see that is a true statement

…which aimed at achieving a perfected system of fixing the calendar.

In the well-known letter of Julian the Apostate to the Jews the emperor addressed "the patriarch Julius"…

That's what Hillel was called

…calling him "brother Julos the patriarch" informing him of the rescinding of the taxes imposed on the Jews in the time of the emperor Constantine, and requesting him to withhold and abrogate the apostolic (the payment to the nasi) collected by him from the Jews through his emissaries in order to ease their financial position…

That gives us some information!

from Elements of the Jewish and Muhammadan Calendar with rules and tables and explanatory notes on the Julian and Gregorian calendars by Sherrard Beaumont Burnaby

It was published in London in 1901. it lists out the Jewish calendar and all the things that are there.

The custom had prevailed up to now

This is concerning Hillel! This is what they say, but we are going to see that this statement is not true! it was generally known.

When you really read about the Apostle Paul, he knew when Pentecost was and he went down by the river to keep it. He knew when Passover and Tabernacles was. We find no account of the New Testament Church ever going out and trying to observe the observable new moon. No account whatsoever. It is not in Scripture. Here they perpetuate the myth of Hillel:

…of keeping secret the computation of the New Moon and leap-year, and of making known the times of the Festivals to the communities in the neighbouring lands by announcing them by messengers.

In order to put a stop to all difficulty and uncertainty, Hillel II. introduced a final and fixed Calendar; that is to say, he placed at every one's disposal the means of establishing the rules which had guided the Synhedrion up till then in the calculation of the Calendar, and the fixing of the festivals….

…He was more concerned for the dignity of the continuance of Judaism than for the dignity of his own house, and therefore abandoned those functions, for which his ancestors, Gamaliel II. and Simon his son, had been so jealous and solicitous….

Professor Graetz does not take the same view as Isidore Lobeb with respect to any further correction of the form and methods of the Calendar. He says: "The method of calculating introduced by Hillel is so simple and certain that up to the present day it has not required either emendation or amplification, and for this reason is acknowledge to be perfect by all who are competent to express an opinion on the subject, whether Jews or non-Jews. The system is based on a Cycle of nineteen years, in which seven leap-years occur. Ten months in every year are invariable, and consists alternately of Twenty-nine and thirty days; the two autumn months which follow Tishri (the most important of all the months), are left variable, as being dependent on certain circumstances in Astronomy and Jewish Law….

It has not been ascertained how much of this system was invented by Hillel and how much he owed to tradition…

That is what he received from others!

…for it is indisputable that certain astronomical rules were regarded as traditional…

in full common use

…in the patriarchal house; in any case Hillel appears to have laid Samuel's calendar under contribution.

So, there was another calendar before Hillel; not many people are told that!

from The Journal of Biblical Literature published in 1944 by the Society of Biblical Literature

Co-scholarship to postulate that the Jews upon the return from Babylon continued to observe the same calendar they had adopted during the captivity….

We saw that they had it before they went into captivity, in fact, during the captivity!

…especially has this assumption had appeal, because Judaism from the time of Ezra and Nehemiah has retained the Babylonian names of the months.

We saw how this came about, that they're not really quite Babylonian in the full application, but because the Jews ran and controlled Babylon they use the Babylonian names to put on the proper Hebrew calendar so it would be accepted in all the empire and into Persia.

The application of his formula precisely shows that in general he chose the youngest moon possible, those in which the 'newlicked' appeared within one day or at the most two days, never three after the conjunction.

We're going to talk about the conjunction. There is the conjunction that was known. The astronomical conjunction is called the molad. Here it's saying that they knew it. The new month was not to begin until the new moon was apparently visible, whether you could see it or not, because it may be cloudy.

It is here that it never appears anymore than two days after the actual conjunction of the moon and the sun and the earth.

As early as the 6th centuryB.C., the Babylonians are known to have recognized the moon's anomalies.

What is an anomaly? Something that is not normal!

The moon rotates, but it also wobbles. The moon's orbit to the Earth is sometimes closer to the Earth and sometimes farther from the Earth, as well as the orbit of the Earth is sometimes closer to the sun, and sometimes further from the sun. As a matter of fact, by 3-million miles.

What are you going to do when the Earth is furthest from the sun, and the moon is furthest from the Earth. Now how are you going to calculate it, because the forces are a little different at that juncture.

What are you going to do when the Earth is closest to the sun and the moon is closest to the Earth? Now you've got another set of circumstances! Within that its never more than a two-day period.

Here we have in the 6th centuryB.C. the Babylonians, and of course, the Jews were the ones who were running Babylon.

They recognize the moon's anomalies, therefore their lunar observation should periodically show longer translation periods.

What is a 'longer translation period'? The period from the time when the moon is in conjunction until it's seen! We're going to find that sometimes it is almost two days.

The percentage rule for the new light: there has never been anything simpler than a trigonometric function by which to compute the moon's exact place in her orbit.

Listen, they could compute it back then! Somehow we have been polluted with the theory of evolution, that only we know what's right. Only we are intelligent!

Listen, brethren, I think that we are so far below the intelligence and means that some of those people had back then that it is not even funny. We have technology, that is true. But that doesn't mean that we're smarter and better. That doesn't mean that they were dumber and more stupid. They had trigonometry. Abraham was noted as a mathematician, and he taught astronomy to the Egyptians.

Let's understand where this is coming from. This is nothing more! In many of these cases there are true statements and there is propaganda. Here is true statement: they knew by trigonometry functions how to calculate the moon's exact position in her orbit.

However the simple relationship between the translation and the waxing period is described in a J.B.L article has been understood for centuries.

In other words, when the moon is nearer the Earth, the arc of the vision is short, and when the moon is further from the Earth the arc of the vision is long.

In ancient Israel, the astronomers evaluated the lunar distance by the eastern movement of the moon among the stars, and are hyped above the horizon.

We can get the same information by comparing the vision of arc. To see the vision of arc over the horizon for the new moon, or it's equivalent time. The translation period with the waxing period of the moon …

The waxing period is growing bigger and bigger.

…passes through its long part of the orbit and its shortest. Similarly, therefore, the arc of the vision has a approximate relationship to the length of the waxing period. When the one is long or short, so also is the other.

That is simple, but the relation is merely and approach in the length of the arc, and as it was represented to be in my study. Nowhere in Jewish law is there set forth any statement of a necessary relationship between the Feast of Passover and the full moon.

That is one of the arguments that people have; that it's not based on the full moon.

However, nevertheless the relationship of the Passover to the full moon is definitely set forth by the Jewish chronologers and lays it out.

Even Philo said that it was the full moon. It has to be the full moon. Some of these calendars that use the actual conjunction of the moon instead of the probable visible new moon over Jerusalem, they begin their feast before the full moon. It does have a relationship to it.

Then those who begin with a visual new moon that they think they can see wherever they are, begin the their feast after the full moon, when God wants it done on the full moon!

That's why whenever the 15th day of the 1st month comes, and the 15th day of the 7th month I've made it my practice every year since I have been baptized to go out and see if there's a full moon or not, and is the Calculated Hebrew Calendar correct or not. It is correct in every instance, every year without fail!

In the Pentateuchal Law II there is a case similar for the very precise relation necessarily existed between the fixed Passover date on a fixed meridian in both the new and full moon.

That is the beginning of the month with the new moon and the Passover with the full moon!

The nations of the Near East have left significant records when the dates of the Nisan moon fold in the Mediterranean countries. Similarly, the earliest calendar of Egypt, which also was lunar, the full moon was feasted on the 13th day.

Sometimes it may begin late on the 13th, but very rarely. So, they may have been a day off in their calculations. If they went by the late visible new moon, then it would be on the 13th.

This date was patterned after the spring month indicated by the feast of the 14th, which then is the feast of the Jews.

Consequently, the fixed Pentateuchal Passover date on the 14th of Nisan obviously occurs on the day of the new moon.

On the 14th day of the 1st month after the evening when the moon is caught in the region opposite the sun, the feast is fixed. The church received this Passover full moon doctrine from the Jewish interpretation of the Pentateuchal Law and adjusted her Easter cycles in harmony with this principle…

That's where the Catholic Church says that Easter shall be on the 1st Sunday after the spring equinox and the full moon. So, if you're going to go by the spring equinox and calculate that way, you are doing exactly as the Catholics have done. You need to think about that.

Now, that's going to make some people upset and some may be mad and ready to 'shoot the television' at this particular point. But that's a fact.

…and contended that according to the custom of the church was the Paschal limit of the full moon.

In other words, not go beyond the Paschal limit

But on what authority should the Hebrew translators…

Now, this is very interesting. This does not relate to the Passover Day directly—it does somewhat—but here it is:

…Sulkanson and Dilitch introduced the word "feast" into the text when the corresponding Greek in the New Testament had no word for "feast," and speaks only of the first of the unleavened bread…

I explain that in detail in The Christian Passover book, that that means the 14th day of the 1st month.

…a common expression for the Jewish 14th with practically all first century writers.

I need to get that in so that you understand that these things are known. These things are not done in a corner, not done in a closet! They are not secret. None of this is done that way. You just have to research and get all the material.

From A Jewish Calendar for Sixty-four Years: New Moon's Festivals and Fasts
A Chronological Table forming a summary of the Jewish history from the Flood to the Present Time
by B.B. Lindo; published in 1838

Let's understand something concerning this and what they knew back then. This is important.


…[This was]written to prevent its being lost by our dispersion A.C. 180…"

Remember that we were told that it was 360, and we have one here—this Rabbi Akadosh—that in the current era 180:

…according to their Chronologists (but according to ours A.C. 141), is the first work we have that treats in any way on the Calendar ; the following extracts prove that our present form, and the intercalary month were generally known and followed at that time as at present….

We also have in the book of Esther we have the 2nd Adar!

Contemporary with Rab Samuel, the Astronomer, was Rab Ada, born in Babylon, A. M. 3948 A. C. 188, consequently he must have written a century previous to the Council of Nice ; his calculations are those we are guided by, and the experience of near seventeen centuries…

He's saying that 17 centuries from 1838 means they are going back to the year 140 of the current era. Anyone who says that it's Hillel II in 360 does not have a clue as to what they're talking about and hasn't researched enough to know and understand the true facts.

…has proved their correctness, not the smallest error having been discovered in that period of time.

What we have is Hillel wanted to be the 'big deal.' He wanted to say, 'I'm going to show everybody and he put things out that were not his as though they were his.

Is that the first time that this has ever happened in history? No, not in the least! Here we have from these calculations that I just read you about:

From these calculations, in A.C. 353 Rab Hi lei formed tables for making- calendars…

from these calculations of Rabbi Samuel back in 141A.D., which we use today.

…which we use to this day; from the approximation of the dates, it is easy to be conceived that the authors of the Encyclopedia supposed these tables to be the origin of our calendar.

Here's another one concerning the calendar, again going back to Hillel II. I want you to get this clearly, firmly in mind. Anyone who says the present calendar we have today goes back to Hillel II in the 350s or 360sA.D. does not know the calendar problem whatsoever. They have done very superficial reading and really do not know what they are talking about. They should not be listened to or followed. They should be told to go search it out further, because you only have part of the facts.

From A Book of Jewish Conceptsby Dr. Philip Birnbaum

The advent of the new moon was calculated at an early period.

We're going to see the very words of Maimonides and show that the calculations went all the way back, clear back to—as we read—to 1-Chon. 12 where it was that the men of Issachar had understanding in the things of astronomy and what was necessary. They had the basis of it during the days of David. There was a calendar that they found in David's day that listed out all the months.

So, don't let these 'calendar freaks'… That's what I have to call them, because that's what they are. They are not there to love the brethren, they are there to serve themselves and their own vanity. They are there to be more and better than God, when we have shown from the Scriptures that the Calculated Hebrew Calendar is the only Scriptural calendar that you can find in the Scriptures.

  • you can't find any other
  • you cannot find a book of calendars
  • you cannot find a calendar of Moses or Joshua

But you find the evidence of a generally used calendar, without a doubt!

…Men watched for it on the evening when it was expected to be seen….

That is a true statement!

But an observation in the very small, little geographical area of Palestine has no relationship and is not relative to seeing it in other places in the world.

We're going to see that as we go along!

When the evidence of its appearance was deemed sufficient the Sanhedrin pronounced that the month was sanctified. The day became the first day of the month leaving 29 days for the preceding month. The proclamation of the new month was signaled from mountain top to mountain top through the days of Israel by lighting fires.

When the Samaritans…

Let's understand what's going on here, this is taking us clear back to the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.

…attempted to thwart this plan by lighting a beacon of fire prematurely. The signals were discontinued and the announcement of the new moon was made by messengers.

Notice this great leap:

In the middle of the 4th century Hillel II published scientific rules of calculation of the calendar making it possible to determine the Jewish calendar without actual observation of the lunar phases.

The Story of Aleph Beth by David Diringer

Carl Franklin sent this to me! This is from a series of books called the Philosophic Library. I want to read this concerning the calendar. It talks about the calendar found in the 11th  & 12th centuriesB.C.

More famous is the Gezer Calendar….

Gezer is in Southern Israel!

…of eight line already referred to, which is generally assigned to the period of Saul or David 1000B.C. That is a small soft-stone tablet discovered in 1908 at Gezer in South Israel on which is inscribed a sort of agricultural calendar beginning in October.

That's exactly when the calendar is calculated to begin!

We do go back and have Nisan as the 1st month, calculating in the 7th month has nothing to do with changing the 1st month…

It doesn't change it whatsoever! We'll see why as we go on further.

…beginning in October, or rather a list of eight months with agricultural operations for each one. According to some scholars, this was the work of a peasant.

If it was the work of a peasant means that it was a calculated fixed known calendar that everybody used!

Some say that this was done by a school boy in his exercise tablet….

Which tells you that this was commonly known knowledge, not some secret thing. It was made know to all Israel, not just that the priests had it and it was secret. That's not true!

When we come down to the New Testament time, let's understand that Paul was a Pharisee, Barnabas was a Levite and companies of priests were converted to the faith. They knew! They understood these things! So, we don't have to go by the propaganda of Hillel in the 350s & 360s. That is just not so!

…But as it may be, we can assume that 1000B.C. after the United Kingdom had been established, and a centralized administration organized by David, assisted by a staff of secretaries…

Then it lists everything that was there!

…the early Hebrew alphabet was already in existence and had begun its autonomous development.

Amazing! That's 1300 years before Hillel.

Fifth Century Jewish Calendar in Elephantine by S.H. Horn and L.H. Wood
Journal of Near Eastern Studies. January 1954

Elephantine contained a colony of Jews in Southern Egypt. That's where Elephantine is located! What we are going to see here, and this is very important for us to realize: In Egypt it rarely ever rained; it rarely was ever overcast. If they just wanted to visualize the new moon, they could do it at any time. They probably could be very accurate, because Elephantine is just due south of Palestine, so they couldn't be off that very much if they did it there. So, this is important for us to realize.


…the Jews in Egypt during the fifth centuryB.C. and appreciably supplement our knowledge of the economic, religious, and secular history of the Jewish colony at Elephantine.

Moreover, these new papyri form exceedingly important source material for the study of the calendar in use among the Jews of Elephantine during the fifth century B.C. Of the fourteen new dated papyri, eleven bear double dates, i.e., the Egyptian and Persian (or Jewish) ones….

They had Persian dates, Egyptian dates and Hebrew dates!

…Both of them started out from the hypothesis that the Jews of the fifth century had a lunar calendar like the Persians…

Which we read in the book of Esther was the Calculated Hebrew Calendar. So, it doesn't come as any surprise that the Jews of the same time period as the book of Esther down in Elephantine had the same calendar of the Persians or the Calculated Hebrew Calendar, and that they began every month after the visibility of the new moon as in Babylon. They said that's what they did in Babylon because the Jews were in Babylon.

The astronomer E. B. Knobel showed from papyri AP 13 and 25 that a nineteen-year cycle was known to the Jews in the fifth century B.C…

Why did they have it? Because that's the only way you can reconcile 235 lunar months and 235 solar months! Otherwise, you lose time, and God does not want us to lose any time. We have to account for every bit of it.

He concluded from his findings that the Jewish civil calendar was computed and that the Jewish· civil year began with Tishri 1.

That's where it's calculated to, and the reason it's calculated at that point is because of the astronomical circumstances concerning the visibility of the new moon, the length of time it takes for the old moon to set and go around the earth to reappear so it can be on the 1st day of the 1st month.

There are absolute necessary conditions for it. That's why we will see that there are the postponements, and that's why it is in the fall.

The chronologist E. Mahler agreed with Knobel and Fotheringham that the Jewish calendar was based neither on the visibility of the first crescent nor on the conjunction but on the application of a regular cycle….

based upon 19 years

Mahler thinks that the fall-the fall calendar was not introduced among the Jews prior to the Seleucid period….

Which would be 369-360 B.C. But then he goes on to show that:

…evidence for a fall-to-fall calendar among the Jews in the pre-Exilic…

before the exile

…and post-Exilic period as shown by Ginzel….

So, you have to go to all of the information, not just part of the information, so you can construct what you want. This is valuable knowledge. This was here for anybody to find if they wanted to research it. I'm sure it's in other libraries, as well as the library at Andrews University. I'm sure others could find this other than Carl Franklin, if they would set their mind to do it.

  • Why haven't they done it?

If you're going to do something so fatal as to change a Holy Day:

  • Why don't you get all the facts?
  • Why don't you understand what you're talking about first?
  • Should you not do that?
  • Don't you think that that would be important?

I'd say so!

It also is unthinkable that the Jews should have retained after their liberation an institution forced oo them by their most hated enemies.

No! The Babylonians nor the Seleucids forced a calculated calendar upon the Jews. Rather, it was the other way around. The Jews, very cleverly, brought it upon all the Babylonians and the Persians and everybody else.

…Most scholars, however, agree that a nineteen- year cycle ·was in use among the Jews of the fifth century B.C.

And moreover we find from the evidence that was in Elephantine. We see from the Scriptures that it was in the king's palace in Schushan at the headquarters of the Persian Empire. We know that it was Judea because Ezra used it.

…Many also agree that the Jewish calendar was not completely synonymous with the Babylonian calendar…

Because the Babylonian calendar is one of the calendars that we're going to read about later that someone says we ought to go by the setting of the moon to begin our understanding of the month. That's what the Babylonians did, and they never could get it correct until the Jews came along and corrected it for them. That's why it's said to be different.

Since all these dates can be checked astronomically by nineteen lunar eclipses ranging over nine centuries, and have been proved to be correct…

So, the calendar they found in Elephantine has been proved to be correct!

…These two papyri are both dated in the same months—Kislev…

which is one of the months we saw earlier of the Calculated Hebrew Calendar

…and Thoth—

which was the Hebrew month

Since the Persians had adopted the Babylonian calendar…

which was the Hebrew calendar of Babylon

…the first impression in reading the double dated papyri is that the non-Egyptian dates are those of the Babylonian calendar….

But that's not true! It is the Persian calendar!

The Babylonians employed a lunar year, consisting of twelve lunar months of twenty-nine or thirty days each in a common year, which is about ten days shorter than the solar one. Then they added a thirteenth month every two or three years—seven times in nineteen years—to make the lunar year harmonize with the seasons. This extra month was added mostly after Addaru, the last month of the year, and was called Addaru II…

Which is a takeoff of the Hebrew calendar that the Jews gave to the Babylonians when the Jews were in captivity.

…in the nineteen-year cycle. The Babylonian year began with the month of Nisan in the spring.

Isn't that something?

All month names of. the Jewish calendar · are now represented in the datelines of the, Elephantine papyri with the exception of, Nisan…

Since the Jews and Babylonians began the day at sunset, 20 their day also overlapped two Julian calendar days…

just like it does today

…and Jewish dates will henceforth also be indicated by two figures. Thus July 7/8 (ss-ss), 465 B.C., means the day which began at sunset July 7 and ended at sunset July 8.

The Jews had a lunar calendar, in which the first day of the month must begin a reasonable time after the conjunction…

which we will see later is called 'the molad'

…since the interval between conjunction and the evening when the first crescent becomes visible (this interval is called henceforth "translation period") is a length which varies from about 16 to 42 hours in the Near East.

This is important to know, because the day did not begin until after the conjunction. It varied from 16-42 hours. Sixteen hours is nearly three-quarters of a day; 42 hours is 6 hours short of 2 days.

  • Does this not ring a bell in your mind that there might have to be some postponements from the actual conjunction until the 1st  day of the month?
  • Does this not tell you that there are astronomical reasons—and always have been—for what a traditionally called postponements?

We're going to see that the postponements were not the whim of Jews, but they were calculated and necessary, required for astronomical and Holy Day observances.

…the Jews in Elephantine did not entirely rely on the observation of the new crescent to determine the beginning of the new month….

…the Jews had developed…a fixed calendar in which the number of days of each month had been calculated beforehand. The comparatively low translation periods can perhaps be explained by the fact that Elephantine knows hardly any overcast sky, and therefore a new crescent can easily be observed as soon as it reaches the minimum elevation of visibility

Now, let me interpret this for you. This is saying that even though they could see at the earliest minute possible the new moon. They didn't do it; they used a calculated calendar with 19-year time cycles.

However, one important aspect of these papyri is the proof which Kraeling 6 gives of the existence of the civil fall-to-fall calendar among the fifth-century Jews at Elephantine. Since this papyrus supports statements made in Neh. 1: 1 and 2: 1, implying the existence of such a calendar among post-Exilic Jewry, there is no reason left for doubt concerning the correctness of the date line… and the alternative assumption that a scribal error is involved must be rejected.

These papyri provide most welcome material for a reconstruction of some phases of the Jewish calendar of the pre-Christian era, for which no other source material is available except the meager information, which the Bible provides….

…further data will fill the still existing gaps and permit a more complete reconstruction of the ancient Jewish calendar system.
                                                      SEVENTH-DAY ADVEN'l'IS'l'
                                                      THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY
                                                      WASHINGTON, D.C.

What does that do to the theory of Hillel 800 years later? Poof! It's gone! It's a fable! It's a lie! It is not true!

So, anybody who begins their calendar explanation with that, just do not have a clue at all whatsoever. I read this section of it already.

A Textbook of Syrian Semitic Inscriptions Vol. 1 Hebrew and Moabite Inscriptionsby John L.C. Gibson

This is from Gezer. We read a little bit about that in another article. This is talking about

…the tiny limestone tablet, which was encrypted in old Hebrew script being generally assigned to the tenth century B.C. The shape is uneven and it does not seem that anything is missing, the writing being carefully fitted into the available space.

Many of the characters find their closest parallels to old Babylon scriptions. On the other hand, they already possessed the distinctive later Hebrew outline.

The inscription gives a list of months designated according to the agricultural activities that took place in them. They are arranged in a rough chronological order, but begin rather strangely from the farming point of view in the middle of the fruit harvest.

The fact that the ancient Hebrew new year began in the autumn had probably something to do with this.

So, this tells us that they were calculating the calendar in 1000B.C. from autumn to autumn and counting back to Nisan for the 1st month of the year. That's precisely, exactly what the Hebrew calendar does today. So, we're doing what David did, exactly what Hezekiah did, and what Ezra and Nehemiah did. Brethren, this is important for us to understand it.

The use of this word with the meaning month is another indication of an early day.

Now let's get into some other things. We're going understand in just a bit why it is so difficult to come to a proper relationship of the sun, moon and Earth, since the astronomical events that took place in Amos and Isaiah leading up to the situation that we have with the calendar—365-1/4 days, the lunar calendar, solar calendar and why there must be adjustments, justifications or postponements.

I'm going to show you some things in The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman to show you why there are variations in the time of the movement of the Earth, the moon and the coordination with the stars and why there has to be a 19-year time cycle and why that has to be adjusted. That's where we're going to end up.

Let's me read some of this so you understand the complexity of it. First of all I'm going to hold this us and I want you to focus in on this: it shows the plane of different things. If you were looking out in to the universe there are many moving factors that you need to consider. The Earth is moving, the sun is moving, the moon is moving, the stars are moving, the galaxies are moving. Wherever that is within the universe, that also is moving.

So, there are going to be variations and fast and slow parts to anything that is done, you cannot avoid it.

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

I remind the reader that the true speeds of the galaxies are not presently known. Their speed is relative to an observer on the Earth who is in a most difficult position for recording exact astronomical measurements.

A point on the Earth's equator rotates at 1,050 miles per hour. The Earth rotates around the sun at 1,100 miles per minute. The sun moves around our galaxy at 150 miles per second. In addition, our galaxy is moving at a speed in its orbit that is different from other orbiting galaxies.

That's why the straightest line from the Earth to Mars is a S-type circle. You don't go to Mars in a straight line.

You may view Mars or the moon in a straight line, but you don't get there in a straight line. When you're out in the universe, things are in orbit and you have to catch up with the different speeds.

How would like to record in exact measurement of ten runners as described in section 51-A while you are spinning upon a complex mechanical apparatus, which has the same motions of the Earth, the sun and the galaxies have at fast speeds,

When you watch runners race, if you're standing at a certain location when they begin to turn it looks like they're in a straight line running away from you. That is an optical illusion because they're, in fact turning in their orbit as it were on the running track to come and go back the other way.

That's why when you see them start out, they start out at staggered positions with those in the furthest outer lane closer. They're spaced back to the one in the inner lane, which is setback the furthest. Each lane has a different length from beginning to end. This is what he's saying here:

In my theory the central electronic magnetic field completely pervades our galaxies electromagnetic field and causes our galaxy to align with and orbit it.

Moreover, our galaxy's electromagnetic field causes the sun to align with an orbit in our galaxy. Since the galaxy's field pervades the sun's magnetic field.

The sun's magnetic field causes all the planets in our solar system to align with and orbit the sun, since the sun's electronic magnetic field prevails over all of its planets and their respective electronic magnetic fields.

There's an electronic magnetic field for the sun, which covers all the planets. There's one for Mercury, Venus, Earth; there's one for each of the moons in respect to each one of the planets. There's one for Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and all the way out. They each have a magnetic field.

The magnetic field of Saturn also has a reach back to the earth, which is profound. All of these things have to do with calculating and trying to maintain an accurate astronomical calculation. So therefore, because there are differences, there must be adjustments!

What I'm going to do is this picture and show you what the concept of the universe is like according to Joseph Newman's theory. I think it's quite correct.

{can be seen on the video at}

Here you have the universe in a magnetic field configuration. The dotted lines are the electromagnetic field that compasses the whole universe. This is what he calls the central entity. In the little speck is our galaxy in relationship to the central entity. In that little speck is our earth and there's a little smaller speck called the moon. So, you have the Earth, the sun and the moon.

When you are considering these, please also understand that the Earth does not go around the sun in a complete uniform circle. The Earth in December is 3-million miles closer to the sun and it's moving 1800 miles faster than it is when it's summer. The Earth is 3-million miles further from the sun and the Earth is moving 1800 miles per hour slower.

Let's also understand that this affects the moon. That's why the moon from its conjunction will vary from 16 hours to 42. When you get into the northern elevations it varies up to 65 hours.

That, I will say to all of those who don't believe in postponements, you can put in your 'calendar pipe' and smoke it! I'll tell you this, we're going to see that all those who don't believe in postponements, guess what they do? They postpone, because you must!

I remember when I talked to Ted Philips, who has his own group, and he's a 'one issue' church: no postponements! I talked to him about it when he was formulating this. I gave a similar thing, an hour and a half presentation similar to this. He and Wayne Bidwell did not believe it. So, they told me what they were going to do.

I said, 'Ted, tell me exactly how you're going to do this so I can understand it.' He said, 'We are going to use the meridian, Greenwich mean time.' Okay, fine! 'But we are going to back it up six hours to Jerusalem time.' I said:

Ted, spare me! You have just postponed. Before you even start, you have postponed six hours. How can you be against postponements when the first statement out of your mouth gives postponements?

He didn't know what to say! But he went headlong into his own way. I pleaded with him not to do that and upset the brethren's lives. Do not do this and try to change the Holy Days. Do not go out there and say that 'we are going to use the scientific modern way of the actual conjunction and then have all the Holy Days that way.' When you do that the Holy Day is going to be a day early. In some cases the Holy Days are going to be two days early.

Whereas, with the Calculated Hebrew Calendar, it is always on time!

You need to think about that! If someone is trying to assault you with some strange calendar material, you need to understand what we're talking about here. This is very important, because these men have presumed.

  • they do it in the name of God
  • they do something not found in the Scriptures
  • they do something contrary to Scriptures
  • they do something that Jesus hates

That is something that causes strife and confusion among the brethren! They do that in the name of God.

We need to understand that Jesus was the Lord God of the Old Testament. Deut. 18:18—these are actually the words of God the Father referring to Christ when He would be raised up to preach and teach. As we saw earlier, Jesus Christ, without a question, followed the Calculated Hebrew Calendar as it was in His days under the hands of the high priest at Jerusalem, who determined what the calendar would be.

They use the same methods that we use today. The only adjustment that had to be made was in 142A.D. when they shifted the sequence of the intercalated leap year to be a little different, to keep the Passover in season. That's why they did it. Any change or adjustment is necessary to keep things in season, because that is the command of God.

Deuteronomy 18:18[transcriber's correction]: "I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, One like you, and will put My words in His mouth. And He shall speak to them all that I shall command Him."

Did God the Father command Jesus Christ concerning anything about changing the calendar? No! Nowhere do we have that recorded for us!

Verse 19: "And it shall come to pass, whatever man will not hearken to My words… [listen to obey] …which He shall speak in My name, I will require it of him."
What did Jesus say:

  • every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God
  • do not think that I have come to destroy the Law or the Prophets, I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill
    • Did we not read in the Prophets?
    • Did we not read of the Calculated Calendar in the Word of God?
    • Did we not see the months by name and number in page after page of every reference in the Bible?


Think about this before you run off and keep some oddball new moon or calendar, which is not according to the Calculated Hebrew Calendar. You're going to get yourself in trouble, and it's going to cause you great difficulty. God is going to judge you concerning it.

  • God never gave you the authority to do it
  • God never gave me the authority to do it
  • God never gave the authority to Jesus Christ to change it, because what He had was good

Verse 20: "But the prophet… [meaning any teacher] …who shall presume to speak a word in My name…"

We have many presumptuous people out there with their calendar inventions, and they are presuming to speak a word in the name of God.

  • they are misapplying historical references
  • they are misapplying the understanding of the Hebrew calendar to say that there should be no postponements, when it's part and parcel of keeping everything in season

We're going to show when we come to the next section, that yes, the basis for all of the postponements are, in fact, contained in the Scriptures. They are there for:

  • the obedience of the Word of God
  • to keep everything in proper season
    • they are right
    • they are good
    • they are fine
    • they are inspired of God

And I will show you why from a calendar!

"…who shall presume to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die" (v 20).

I want you to think about that! I want all of those who believe in a calendar other than the Calculated Hebrew Calendar ask yourselves:

  • What are you doing?
  • Are you going to have this judgment brought upon you"
  • What business do you have dividing the brethren of God by your divisive ungodly, unscriptural way of computing and calculating time and thinking that you are right?

You need to really think about it! I call on every one of them to repent! I call on every one of them to change!

In #4 we are going to show why the observing of the moon cannot possible be a way to accurately keep the calendar. You cannot rely on that solely and then proceed to go ahead an say that you're doing this in the name of God.

One of the reasons why God gave the Calculated Hebrew Calendar was that was a point of unity that God has created. All of these other calendar things, which come along, are points of division.

  • God hates division in the families
  • God hates division within the Churches
  • God hates division because it destroys unity from God in the order that He has set

Prov. 6—let's see that many of these six things that God hates we find in all of these calendar problems and self-appointed calendar people to setup their own calendar contrary to the ways of God.

Proverbs 6:16: "These six things the LORD hates; yea, seven are an abomination unto Him: [#1] a proud look, [#2]a lying tongue…" (vs 16-17).

We will find that most of these papers that are put out are from lying tongues. They are not from the truth.

"…and [#3] hands that shed innocent blood… [because it leads people astray and away from God] …[#4]a heart that plots wicked imaginations…" (vs 17-18).

We will see that some of these plans are just that. Maybe not as wicked and committing murder with a knife or shooting or blowing up someone. But still it is a wicked imagination, because it is sin against God.

[#5]feet that are swift in running to evil…" (v 18).

That's exactly what all of these calendar people do. They run here and there and cause mischief and upsetness. They destroy faith and lead people away on things that sound like they're very important, but they're not.

Verse 19: [#6] "A false witness who speaks lies…"

That's what they're doing, they're saying things that God never said.

"…[#7]and he who sows discord among brethren" (v 19).

The reason that that is built up in all of those steps is because it leads to discord among the brethren.

The church right now is all flying apart just like a huge, big explosion. Part of these calendar problems and things that we have today are all a part of that. That's why the Calculated Hebrew Calendar is what we should use.

I want to add something here: let me show you a book called The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar. This book gives all of the years from 1900-2100. This is why God gave the perpetual fixed Hebrew calendar; so that at all times we would know when to keep the Feasts of God, that at all times we would know that we're kept in season by the calculations that God gave to Hezekiah.

Let's understand that in the future, all calendars are going to be challenged. We're going to see something very astounding in just a minute. We are going to see that there has been a movement for a long time to establish a world calendar. They've tried to get it in going clear back as early as 1967, come even earlier than that, but they have never been able to find enough political clout to go ahead and vote it in.

Article: World Calendar Would Setup 13 Months—Eight long weekends (Feb. 1959)

Eight long weekends each year and every other year for each and every one of us if only the government would adopt the calendar developed by William C. Fogel Jr.

I went back into my files and got out some of the things concerning the world calendar and you're going to be amazed that the new coming world calendar is really an enactment of that which came out of the Essenes and the Therapeutae

The Essenes were in Qumran Caves and the Therapeutae were the Hellenistic Jews out of Alexandria.

This calendar, if adopted by the United States and the world would consist of 13 months of 28 days a piece.

Since this would add up to only 364 days…

This is the problem that everyone is having. What do you do with the day and a quarter? Or, as we have it today, we have a leap year every four years, so then every three years it would be one day and every four years you would have two days. Here's what Fogel would do:

This he would designate as 'Jan. A-1,' the 'A' being New Year's Day and the '1' the normal working day that follows.

Then you would have Jan. A-1 and Jan. 1; so in effect you end up not counting the day. We will see what happens with that.

Every four years, which is now a leap year, would contain still another 24 hour day at it's very beginning and would be called Jan. AM-1; 'M' would represent meditation day.

So, here's New Age stuff coming in as early as 1959.

Fogel calls the creation the perpetual calendar and the calendar would make Sunday the last day of each week, and Monday the first day.

Most of the calendars in Europe already have that. And almost every corporation that has a schedule schedules Saturday and Sunday as the 6th and 7th day. So, they've already messed around with the Sabbath Day.

An article released in 1967 talks about how that there needs to be the go ahead given by the Catholic Church. So, this is a release showing the world calendar in relationship to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Council Prolate told me is not just something of concern to the church heads or to Catholics alone, it concerns the entire world, believers and non-believers.

Nothing is more illustrate of this statement than a decision, to which few people have paid any attention, and to which nevertheless it is going to completely change the smallest of our daily habits. That is of calendar reform.

And it talks about what it would do. The Catholic Church would have to vote on it, and the long and short of it is that this universal calendar they were hoping would start with 1967.

Well, it didn't do that, and we're thankful it didn't. It didn't because it's not God's time to do so. This would have to be an adoption by the United Nations and all of the countries would accept it.

The projected calendar, which has the favor of the United Nations, foresees a 364 year divided into a 364-day year, divided into 12 months and 4 equal quarters of 13 weeks. The 365th date without a date would be placed at the end of the year.

This would be used as the Christian's Christmas Day, or the day of the world fraternity for all non-Christians.

The only thing that the Catholic Church is concerned about is that Easter would always be in the way that they had placed it.

from: The World Calendar

{transcriber's note: there's The World Calendar Association - International (TWCA) founded
1947-06-11;  New York NY USA

What they're trying to do is stabilize the monthly holidays. We have someone introducing a 364-day calendar again. Then it shows why that this is something they want.

The United nations in its study on calendar reform in 1947. Right after the United Nations started they were doing this.

from the article being read:

Reported that the world calendar received most favorable comments.

So, they're trying to get it. They tried to get in it in 1967. I'm going to show you some charts and show what these calendars are like. But first of all let's go to Dan. 7 and see something that's very important that we need to understand, which talks about thinking to change the times and the laws.

We're going to see the Sabbath attacked, the Holy Days attacked, and unless we have a uniform Calculated Hebrew Calendar by which we go, we're going to lose time, lose when it should be, and lose the Sabbath, the Holy Days and the Passover and all of that.

So, all of these people who tinker with the calendar and pretend that they are right with God, they're not! They're falling right into the trap of this, and yet, we will see that a man called Jim Russell said that those who follow the Hebrew Calendar were doing exactly what Dan. 7:25 was talking about. But it has nothing to do with changing the calendar, because the Calculated Hebrew Calendar, as we have seen, is the only calendar that you can find in the Bible.

Daniel 7:25—speaking of the one who is going rise, the Beast Power: "And he shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change the set times and the laws. And they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and one-half time."

We're going to take a look at some of these things, and understand how these were changed. Then we're also going to understand as we view two of these Jewish calendars that are actually solar calendars of 364 days. This will help us solve the problem that we find in Gal. 4.

In Gal. 4 we have a Jewish problem, but it sounds like a Gnostic problem. The truth is, it's a Gnostic/Jewish or a Jewish/Gnostic problem with a solar calendar, and they call  that calendar the sacred calendar. As we are going to see, they named the months the same that we find in the perpetual Hebrew calendar. They got their names right from that because the perpetual Hebrew calendar—or the Calculated Hebrew Calendar—is what we found in the Bible in #2 this series.

Galatians 4:8: "Now on the one hand, when you did not know God… [these people were pagan at one time] …you were in bondage to those who are not gods by nature."

Yet, Paul was saying that there were some coming in and troubling them concerning circumcision. The Essenes and Therapeutae believe in circumcision, clean and unclean meats, but they had a calendar that destroyed the Sabbaths and Holy Days of God, yet, appeared to retain it. That's a little more drastic than some of the things that we're going to see a little later on.

Verse 9: "But on the other hand, after having known God—rather, after having been known by God—how is it that you are turning again to the weak and impotent elements… [of the world, of demons, that lead people astray] …to which you again desire to be in bondage? You are of your own selves observing days… [doesn't say Sabbaths] …and months… [it doesn't say the true months of God] …and times… [having to do with the cycle of time; they changed it from a luni solar calendar to a solar calendar] …and years" (vs 9-10).

We're going to see how this answers the problem that we have Jewish Gnostics with a solar calendar claiming circumcision, the law of clean and unclean meats and claiming that they had the right way, when everything was mixed up.

{transcriber's note: from this point on Fred is referring to charts/calendars which are unavailable except on the video of this message, not transcribed—approximately 9-1/2 minutes}

Regarding a Bill in Congress in 1969: To provide for the adoption of perpetual calendar to be enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United states of America assembled, that on and after New Year's Day 1973 the calendar set forth and subsection B to be known as a perpetual calendar shall be the official calendar of the United States, its territories and possessions.

It never passed! Let's look at another one here, which is just a little bit different. This does not shift Sunday to the 7th day of the week, but this was also from another House bill.

Another one has Sunday as the 1st day of the week and Sabbath as the 7th day of the week. The days in a quarter go this way: 31, 30, 30, 31, 30, 30, etc.; a 364 day calendar. From the Bill you are going to see it change:

March 23, 1970—A Bill to provide for the adoption of the adjusted Gregorian calendar, to be enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America and Congress assembled. That a) on and after New Years Day 1975 the calendar set forth in subsection b) which shall be known as the adjusted Gregorian calendar shall be the official calendar of the United States, its possessions and District of Columbia.

Brethren, there are going to times that are going to be changed. We're going to have to be fighting the system that is in the world, and we see that they've been trying to do it.

Article:  Eliminating Leap Year
Popular Mechanics May 1996, by Jim Wilson Science and Technology editor

"One world should have one chronology, one calendar, one clock and one time zone," says, Michael Pender, president of the British-based organization. The ten-year-old 100-member group has been lobbying the United Nations to change the way we keep track of time.

What they want to do is get rid of leap years. Isn't that going to be nice. What they say is all the military are all on one time universal time, so let's all go to universal time.

….for the Catholic Church, because of many of its holidays are keyed to Easter. Easter's arrival is determined by the vernal equinox…

Almost all of those calendar buffs who like to redo their own calendar go by the vernal equinox. So, whether they like it or not, they are following the Catholic Church to that extent inasmuch as they ignore the calendar calculations that God inspired to be in the Bible.

It became increasingly clear that the gravitational tug of the Moon was exerting an ever-so-slight braking effect upon the rotation of the Earth, making the day slightly longer. The difference is small, about one-thousandth of a second over the course of the average American's life…

They knew this back in the 16th century. So, they weren't dumb and stupid people. I think today, even many people in the Church of God are not aware that their attitude toward things that have been done in the past is much the same attitude that the evolutionists have; that today we have better knowledge.

  • How do you know we have better knowledge?
  • How do you know we really know?

You've got to prove those things, you just can't go ahead and just kick, them out the door and say that we're smarter and wiser and better than they. They knew this clear back in the 1600s.

Their plan is to subdivide time the way the metric system divides space. Their year would consist of 36 10-day weeks….

Again, 360 days. In this case they're 5-1/4 days short.

…Their day would be divided into 1 million units, called millitims. "Dividing days into a million units would complete the decimalization of all our common units," he explains. "We would have to throw out our clocks, but clocks are pretty cheap these days."

…The Confederation of Independent States…

That is the Soviet Union

….Pinder points out, has 11 time zones, but trains connecting the countries that once comprised the Soviet Union run on Moscow time. In China, where the consolidation is more complete, all five time zones operate on Beijing time. And, of course the U.S. military gets along fine with a single world time zone.

So he says that he things the year 2000 is the perfect time to make the change:

…at the stroke of midnight on March 21, the vernal equinox naturally, which would become the new New Year's Day….

…we would throw away our old calendars and clocks….

Both the long and short versions of the new calendar would replace the named months and days of the week with a 3-digit number….

Could this have something to do with the mark of the beast also? I don't know!

…"If you look at our office calendar, you may already see a small 3-digit number near the date," Pinder says….

So, they're already doing it, just like in many signs for miles we have kilometers.

…"The higgledy-piggledy Roman months and mystic days of the week would be obsolete," he continues.

…Hours, minutes and seconds would be stricken from clock faces and digital readouts. Instead of reporting hours and minutes, our clocks would read in tims and millitims. Each millitim would last about 0.086 if what we now call a second. "A millitim is a very small unit of time," says Pinder, "but well within the capabilities of our current watches."

So, there you have it! People are trying to change the calendar, change time, do anything but what God wants them to do! That's really the heart and core of the problems that are in the Church.

But you need this section to be aware of what's going to happen with the world calendar in the future!

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  • Elements of the Jewish and Muhammadan Calendar with rules and tables and explanatory notes on the Julian and Gregorian calendars by Sherrard Beaumont Burnaby


  • The Journal of Biblical Literature published in 1944 by the Society of Biblical Literature
  • World Calendar Would Setup 13 Months—Eight long weekends (Feb. 1959)
  • The World Calendar Association—International (TWCA) founded1947-06-11; New York NY USA (}
  • Eliminating Leap Year

Popular Mechanics May 1996, by Jim Wilson Science and Technology editor

Transcribed: 6/6/21