The Seven Churches of Asia Minor

“The marked and peculiar character of the society and population of the great Asian cities, amid which the local Churches were built up, is present in the writer's mind throughout the Seven Letters; and it is necessary to form some conception of this subject. Disregarding differences, we shall try to describe briefly the chief forces which had been at work in those cities during the last three centuries, and the prominent features that were common to them all about AD 90. Some of them were ancient Greek colonies, like Smyrna and Ephesus, some were old Anatolian cities, like Pergamum and Sardis; but all these had recently experienced great changes, and many new cities, like Laodicea, Philadelphia, Thyatira, had been founded by the kings” (Ramsay, The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, Chapter 11).

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The Seven Churches of Asia Minor:

On our Holy Days 2000 Page, by following the Pentecost 2000 links, you may access both audio and transcripts relating the significance of these cities to church history from the time of the apostles to the present. This series by Fred R. Coulter is entitled The Seven Church Harvest.

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