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Hundreds of pages of Bible studies, articles, charts, tables and research on the tribes of Israel available for your free download! Further articles will be added in due course.

Lost Tribes today

Where are the 'Lost' Tribes of Israel in the Modern World?
A beginner's guide to the concept of the modern identity for the 'lost' tribes. How can we prove that they ended up in north-west Europe and certain colonies?
Israel – the Apple of God's Eye
The importance of Israel to God and its role in God's Plan.
The Fulfillments of Genesis 49
Genesis 49 contains prophecies of the blessings and roles of each of the tribes of Israel. Many of these prophecies were partially fulfilled during their settlement in the holy land; many during the time of around 1800 to date; and yet a final and complete fulfillment will happen during the Millennium.
Chart: Israel's Ethnic Heritage
Israel's heritage explained in chart form.

Modern Locations of Specific Tribes

The True Roots and Origin of the Scots
The Scottish are Celts and not Anglo-Saxons or Normans (in the main). Which tribe of Israel do most of them descend from? Appendices here.
Where are the Levites today?
Proving that the Welsh (and some Scots) are descendants of Levi - by using Biblical prophecies, tribal names, history and similarities between the Levites and Welsh.

Modern Identity of the Simeonites
These are described as fierce and warlike people. Where are they located today?

Britain and America

Did God want or not want Israel to have a human king?
This article explains that God wanted to rule Israel through human kings. However, most left His ways and descended into apostasy.

Proposals for British and American World Union
From the late 1800s until the 1950s, some senior men in Britain and America wanted these two powers to unite to enable them to rule the world for the betterment of mankind and to end all wars.

The British Sense of Mission as a Ruling People
Discusses how the British seem to have a gift for ruling and uplifting other peoples in their role as world 'servant-leaders' (imperfect as they were). This typifies their future role under the Messiah during the Millennium.